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the politics of adoption

The politics of adoption are inevitable. Particularly across race and nationality. An individual decides they want to adopt across racial lines or the borders of the country where they live, and it says something: that a parent thinks they can … Continue reading

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a word about culturally competent parenting

I read an article yesterday about Transracial Adoption: An Expert’s Advice If You’re Considering Adopting Transracially. The article was written from the perspective of a biracial, transracial adoptee, and included some helpful advice and insights (according to the article, 40% … Continue reading

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I returned to Bulgaria for the first time as an adult when I was twenty. I’d visited once before – on a family vacation to the Black Sea with my mom, dad, and brother when I was ten. This time, … Continue reading

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lessons from a sitcom – a post about hair

Hair is a loaded topic. Some say hair is a woman’s pride. Others, her crown. Some weeks ago, while catching up on episodes of Grey’s Anatomy – I was reminded of my own hair travails when I saw this: For … Continue reading

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on therapy and healing

I had a life before you knew me – I remember blurting out one day in the middle of dinner. As if my parents didn’t get it. As if nothing they did could bring back the past. I was a … Continue reading

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foster care, homelessness, and a new coordinated system

I recently started a job as a case manager serving homeless youth and youth transitioning out of foster care. I’ve been thinking a lot about foster care in the time following the start of this position, and its connection to … Continue reading

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Outsiders Within: Writing on Transracial Adoption – Part III

I am slowly making my way through “Outsiders Within,” reading a chapter every so often, and thinking about it in relation to my own and other transnational adoptee perspectives. Most recently I read the chapter about “Shopping for Children in … Continue reading

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