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race matters

Race matters. Even though there are times when I’d like to think that my transracially adopted identity doesn’t shape who I am – in my family and in the world – my race in relation to those around me influences … Continue reading

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When we’re the same we don’t have to be different. It takes a lot of work to be different. Stepping outside the box. Baring it all. Risking rejection. And yet we’re told we are the same. We are no different … Continue reading

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piercings, authenticity, and the search for an arab identity

I pierced my nose last November. As I reflect upon the last six months of aftercare, the small scar, and red skin surrounding the puncture wound that now sits at the center of my face adorning my left nostril, I … Continue reading

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Welcome everyone! I’m Mirella. I am an adult, transracial adoptee. I am also a transnational adoptee, born and raised in Bulgaria until the age of 5, when I was adopted and raised by an American family living in Seattle, Washington. … Continue reading

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